Friday, April 3, 2009

Cloud Recruitment: The Future of Innovative Recruitment

Recently, I have been fascinated by the concept of "Cloud Recruiting". Though, had some idea of Cloud Computing, the term Cloud Recruiting just clicked my mind. While searching for more content, I came across Michael Marlatt, accidentally. Actually, it so happened when I was preparing a VisualCV of mine and I saw the profile of Michael. From there it was understood that he is one of the pioneers of Cloud Recruiting.

Well, thanks to him, here is some factsheet on Cloud Recruiting, the Future of Recruitment, an Innovation well on the way to redefine the way we are recruiting talent.

  • A change of scenario from your desktop to virtual world.
  • The power to interact with friends, colleagues, and people not known to you.
  • The future of Social Networking
  • Recruiting through the social media 
  • Understanding and Bridging the gap between the Active and Passive Candidate
As Peter Weddle, CEO of, puts it, "Cloud recruiting involves shifting our attention from the transactional activities on which we have traditionally relied to fill requisitions to a new focus on relationships. As with cloud computing, the locus of this activity is online as that enables us to leverage the time and reach advantages of the Internet and efficiently tap “the power of free.”

Since I am also new to the concept and begining to understand what Cloud Recruitment means, I will keep my silence over some days atleast to first understand fully the concept and revert here. But, one thing I can say right now is, what is evident from the concept, the virtual recruitment through social media, then I certainly can take pride in announcing that, not so long ago, I have recruited people through Linkedin and ORKUT. This was unbelievable with some people in the recruiting fraternity, but, then I did it, that too with passive candidates, who normally aren't available in any of the job portals.

Anyway, let me skip this for now and will talk about it more once I really conceptualize and follow it.