Sunday, November 22, 2009

Scorpio: On First Love

Well it is said that Scorpios are better lovers and passionate too. Though I can't comment on any others, I have seen scorpios. So, this time it's for all the people in the globe, who believe in love and passion, the way as I do, are welcome to join and be a part of this community.........
I never was struck before that hour
With love so sudden and sweet
Her face it bloomed like a flower
And stole away my heart complete
My face seemed turned to pale
My legs refused to walk away,
And when she looked “what could I ail”
My life and all seemed turned to clay
I never saw so sweet a face
As that I stood before
My heart has left its dwelling place
And could return no more.

In Search of Twilight


Silent dark night,
A smooth breeze is blowing,
The thought of you, driving me wild
Sitting atop my aisle
I search for you, in my soul
C’mon, c’mon……..
My heart wants more

It was winter, I met you
The place……..
Oh!! It’s the World Wide Web
It started with a HIT!!!
A mere virtual visit……
A series of mails and replies
With links to funny places
An invitation for virtual tour
Then, it happened…….


By summer, this has reached its peak
With feelings, emotions, thoughts
All intertwined…….
You & I, became
This has all, gone so far
It is the belongingness,
That matters all
And that of loyalty, passion, forgiveness,
Plus, lot others that account for………

WE are countless miles away
But we meet everyday
The WEB as the mediator
We share our emotions
Things are now gone beyond,
And we share a bond
That is much more than LOVE

Silent dark night,
A smooth breeze…………
Our heart wants more.



I hate you dear
Coz I know I can't make you happy
All the things that U ever wanted,
I may be a glass in between
And, so I hate you
Or, that is what I started pretending...

I hate you dear
Coz I know I can't bring the moon for U
All that is needed,
Honesty, Truthfulness, Open Hearted
Is not some of my qualities
And, so I hate you
Or, as I am not very Understanding...

I hate you dear
Coz I know I won't be there,
If at least you should need me
Diplomatic, as I am also very Sarcastic
And, so I hate you
Or, because I am a crazy lunatic

I hate you dear
Coz I know I make you cry
Pride is what I feel when I see U cry
Selfishness, Egotism, Ugliness in desire
Is what filled inside me
And, so I hate you
Or, because my heart gonna dry

I hate you dear
Coz I know I don't care for U
I make you sick,
With each passing day
Demanding, Dominating, Degrade
Is what I always do to U
And, so I hate you
Or, because I always ACT,
As if, I Love You, I Miss You, I Cry for You, I Cherish You, I Respect You, I Feel You, Hold You,,,,,,

I hate you dear
Coz I know I never wanted U near
As the time flies,
My philosophy of Holding Back things
Has come to an END.....
With the Volcano Inside erupting,
And with the Lava flooding....
I am now opening myself, out of the closed space
To share my thoughts and secrets, And...
Just to let you know the three words,
That I hold on to myself till today,


©Prabin K Padhy

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cloud Recruitment: The Future of Innovative Recruitment

Recently, I have been fascinated by the concept of "Cloud Recruiting". Though, had some idea of Cloud Computing, the term Cloud Recruiting just clicked my mind. While searching for more content, I came across Michael Marlatt, accidentally. Actually, it so happened when I was preparing a VisualCV of mine and I saw the profile of Michael. From there it was understood that he is one of the pioneers of Cloud Recruiting.

Well, thanks to him, here is some factsheet on Cloud Recruiting, the Future of Recruitment, an Innovation well on the way to redefine the way we are recruiting talent.

  • A change of scenario from your desktop to virtual world.
  • The power to interact with friends, colleagues, and people not known to you.
  • The future of Social Networking
  • Recruiting through the social media 
  • Understanding and Bridging the gap between the Active and Passive Candidate
As Peter Weddle, CEO of, puts it, "Cloud recruiting involves shifting our attention from the transactional activities on which we have traditionally relied to fill requisitions to a new focus on relationships. As with cloud computing, the locus of this activity is online as that enables us to leverage the time and reach advantages of the Internet and efficiently tap “the power of free.”

Since I am also new to the concept and begining to understand what Cloud Recruitment means, I will keep my silence over some days atleast to first understand fully the concept and revert here. But, one thing I can say right now is, what is evident from the concept, the virtual recruitment through social media, then I certainly can take pride in announcing that, not so long ago, I have recruited people through Linkedin and ORKUT. This was unbelievable with some people in the recruiting fraternity, but, then I did it, that too with passive candidates, who normally aren't available in any of the job portals.

Anyway, let me skip this for now and will talk about it more once I really conceptualize and follow it. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Online Love?? Friendship??

Sometimes I wonder, like what to write in my BLOG. Should I keep it as a professional one or a mixture of my dreams and aspirations, passions and thoughts, or plain view points for SAP or Management. But then my well wishers suggested that I should keep it as a mixture, like something for all the people to see. It must have a lighter side to it too. So, here am I posting something that I have written for someone somewhere, don't know whether she is a LOVE, I long for or a FRIEND, I cherish.....

Silent dark night,
A smooth breeze is blowing, Whispering
The thought of you, driving me wild
Sitting with my Laptop, I search for you, in my soul

It was winter, I met you
The place, Oh! It’s the World Wide WEB
It started with a SCRAP
A mere virtual visit, Then, Started
A series of mails and replies
Then, it happened……

By summer, this has reached its peak
With feelings, emotions, thoughts
All intertwined…….You & I, became "WE"
This has all, gone so far
It is the belongingness, That matters all,
And that of loyalty, passion, forgiveness,
Plus, lot others that account for

WE are countless miles away, But we meet everyday
The WEB as the mediator, We share our emotions
And we share a bond
That is much more than LOVE


Sunday, March 29, 2009

ERP and SAP?? The myth and clarifications!!

It's time now for me to write something about SAP, because being a SAP HR professional and leading a group of SAP professionals from Asia Pacific region, it seems unavoidable on my part, not to write anything about it. Now, any SAP professionals from the region if interested can join the group at Linkedin and the link to the group "Asia Pacific SAP Professionals" is:

Now, to begin with, let me start from ERP, that is, Enterprise Resource Planning. Well, it is a general software, that attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments' particular needs. Literally speaking a Business Optimization software. Let's say, in an organization we have various departments starting with finance, human resources, production, marketing, etc. So, now each of them utilize their custom software to process their data and functions. Now, what ERP does is, it combines them all together into a single, integrated software program that runs off a single database so that the various departments can more easily share information and communicate with each other. That integrated approach can have a tremendous payback if companies install the software correctly. 

Well, to make it more lucid, we can go through this simple example: Take a customer order, typically, when a customer places an order, that order begins a mostly paper-based journey from in-basket to in-basket around the company, often being keyed and rekeyed into different departments' computer systems along the way. All that lounging around in in-baskets causes delays and lost orders, and all the keying into different computer system invites errors. Meanwhile, no one in the company truly knows what the status of the order is at any given point because there is no way for the finance department, for example, to get into the warehouse's computer system to see whether the item has been shipped. "You'll have to call the warehouse" is the familiar refrain heard by frustrated customers. With ERP in place, this situation won't happen normally, since all the departments are linked, once the order is placed in the Sales department, it will be noticed automatically to all other concerned departments. If at any point of time someone wants to make an enquiry, the status will be available at the finger tips.

So, that was mostly about the ERP part. Now, lets' come to SAP. Normally, SAP is treated as the largest ERP Software available in the market compared to others like JD Edwards, Oracle, BAAN, Peoplesoft (now Oracle), etc.

SAP was founded in 1972 as Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung by five former IBM engineers (Dietmar Hopp, Hans-Werner Hector, Hasso Plattner,  Klaus Tschira, and Claus Wellenreuther) in Mannheim, Germany. . The acronym was later changed to stand for Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung ("Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing"). 

SAP is the highly integrated software that perform common business functions based on multi-national leading practices. It takes care of any enterprises however diverse it may be in operations, spread over the world geographically. It started with the R/2 package initially, where "R" stands for Real-time and it has got two layers. Then came the R/3 package, an integrated software solution for client/server and distributed open systems. SAP's R/3 is the world's most-used standard business software for client/server computing.  R/3 meets the needs of a customer from the small grocer with 3 users to the multi-billion dollar companies The software is highly customizable using SAP's proprietary programming language, ABAP/4. R/3 is scalable and highly suited for many types and sizes of organizations. 

Now, being a SAP HR Functional Consultant and being not a techie, it is best that I don't go into much technical jargons and architecture. But, for all those people who want to know about SAP and how it transforms your business processes, I would advise to visit:

So, more on this will be updated soon.....


Saturday, March 28, 2009


I dreamt a dream
That of a sunny day

I was walking along the sea

Thundering typhoons...

I saw a beautiful mermaid 

Her visage was shinning like gold

I was turned on seeing that sight

Then... she came to me

And gave me a kiss

But I was only,

bemocking the moon

As it was only a dream

And alas!

I found myself,

in the land of nod.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thinking & Perception: How Best We Can Do It!!

Today's world boasts itself as very knowledgeable, determined, cultured, learned, and believes in the concept that scientifically nothing is impossible. We argue on almost all thing, doesn't matter how someone is presenting something or how we perceive something, what matters ultimately is how we are presenting our case or view point. Simply speaking this is a case of EGO and Alter EGO that is there in our cognitive mind. But, this ends up in a fiasco, with no one benefiting from the discussion, resulting in no realistic output.

This is the time when the "Six Hats" concept of Edward De Bono comes into play. To quote him, "Thinking is the ultimate Human Resource. Human nature is always dissatisfied and strives to achieve more and more. Usually, the only people who are very satisfied with their thinking skill are those poor thinkers who believe that the purpose of thinking is to prove yourself right- to your own satisfaction".

The biggest problem is Confusion, we try to mix emotion, information, logic, perception, etc with our thinking process and try to manifest what is best suited to our own best self. All this confusion while thinking leads to unethical and unprofessional behavior, we don't achieve what we initially wanted to achieve, our focus gets too unidirectional.

Now quoting Edward De Bono, "a simple concept is put forth, which allows the thinker to do one thing at a time". The ability to alienate emotion from logic, creativity from information, etc. These all represent a type of hat that we put on our head. If we mix up all the hats, there will be confusion and if we think as per the situation demands, we can arguably reach at a certain conclusion. 

More on the Thinking Process and its relevance to various Hats and our thinking and perception will be posted shortly. One can say, this is just the begining to revolutionise our Perception and how it affects our Performance.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

KEY WORD SEARCH: a failure with RECRUITERS!!!!

Recession is here and companies are looking for ways to fire employees. In this scenario, getting a job is a hard task. Where as, I am getting sick day by day with the kind of mails that are coming to me for different positions not relevant to my profile and expertise. Even I have seen and felt the lack of research on the part of our fellow recruiters in processing a job profile and matching that with a suitable profile. 

What recruiters normally do is: Once they receive the job description, they simply go for KEY WORD SEARCH in different job portals and what ever list of profiles the search generates, they simply put them in a mass mailer. But, doing this, they forget that they are only presenting themselves to the whole mass of people who are not suitable for the said position, as UNPROFESSIONAL and lack of SKILLS.

So, my sincere request to all recruiters out there, to search and validate the skill match before sending mails to all in general. For example, I am a Recruitment Consultant and I have recruited people in JAVA, DOT NET, SAP, etc. and the same I have mentioned in my profile. If someone searches for a KEY WORD SEARCH for JAVA or DotNet professionals, my name will obviously come. But if you send me a mail for a JAVA professional position, what I will think about you??? So, please go for skill matching, etc before sending out those mailers to all.

Problem is, fellow recruiters who are with Consulting firms, in order to achieve TAT, and delivery schedules, blindly do so, by simply searching a profile with key words and mass mailing the candidates whose profile comes with this search. But, down the line, when it reaches the candidate, who is not suitable for the JD, feels low for the said consulting firm, there by loosing faith in the said recruitment firm from where the mail is generated.

I hope people here will agree with me on this, and folks who manage the firms or the senior people should train the new recruiter with proper skills, and guidance on how to match a profile with the JD given and then to reach the suitable/potential candidate.

More comments on the said post is here in Linkedin: