Tuesday, March 24, 2009

KEY WORD SEARCH: a failure with RECRUITERS!!!!

Recession is here and companies are looking for ways to fire employees. In this scenario, getting a job is a hard task. Where as, I am getting sick day by day with the kind of mails that are coming to me for different positions not relevant to my profile and expertise. Even I have seen and felt the lack of research on the part of our fellow recruiters in processing a job profile and matching that with a suitable profile. 

What recruiters normally do is: Once they receive the job description, they simply go for KEY WORD SEARCH in different job portals and what ever list of profiles the search generates, they simply put them in a mass mailer. But, doing this, they forget that they are only presenting themselves to the whole mass of people who are not suitable for the said position, as UNPROFESSIONAL and lack of SKILLS.

So, my sincere request to all recruiters out there, to search and validate the skill match before sending mails to all in general. For example, I am a Recruitment Consultant and I have recruited people in JAVA, DOT NET, SAP, etc. and the same I have mentioned in my profile. If someone searches for a KEY WORD SEARCH for JAVA or DotNet professionals, my name will obviously come. But if you send me a mail for a JAVA professional position, what I will think about you??? So, please go for skill matching, etc before sending out those mailers to all.

Problem is, fellow recruiters who are with Consulting firms, in order to achieve TAT, and delivery schedules, blindly do so, by simply searching a profile with key words and mass mailing the candidates whose profile comes with this search. But, down the line, when it reaches the candidate, who is not suitable for the JD, feels low for the said consulting firm, there by loosing faith in the said recruitment firm from where the mail is generated.

I hope people here will agree with me on this, and folks who manage the firms or the senior people should train the new recruiter with proper skills, and guidance on how to match a profile with the JD given and then to reach the suitable/potential candidate.

More comments on the said post is here in Linkedin: http://tinyurl.com/cjrxl7

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akhilesh said...

Prabin Ji,

Its really a nice blog you wrote.Thanks,I will keep in mind and I will also train my recruiters.

Akhilesh Dubey