Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Online Love?? Friendship??

Sometimes I wonder, like what to write in my BLOG. Should I keep it as a professional one or a mixture of my dreams and aspirations, passions and thoughts, or plain view points for SAP or Management. But then my well wishers suggested that I should keep it as a mixture, like something for all the people to see. It must have a lighter side to it too. So, here am I posting something that I have written for someone somewhere, don't know whether she is a LOVE, I long for or a FRIEND, I cherish.....

Silent dark night,
A smooth breeze is blowing, Whispering
The thought of you, driving me wild
Sitting with my Laptop, I search for you, in my soul

It was winter, I met you
The place, Oh! It’s the World Wide WEB
It started with a SCRAP
A mere virtual visit, Then, Started
A series of mails and replies
Then, it happened……

By summer, this has reached its peak
With feelings, emotions, thoughts
All intertwined…….You & I, became "WE"
This has all, gone so far
It is the belongingness, That matters all,
And that of loyalty, passion, forgiveness,
Plus, lot others that account for

WE are countless miles away, But we meet everyday
The WEB as the mediator, We share our emotions
And we share a bond
That is much more than LOVE


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Lesliey Love said...

yu too follow me...my blog..